“Kinnett Plumbing is a very excellent company and very reasonable.
I would highly recommend this company to anybody!!
I was very please with the service..”

– Nina, Germantown Md

“I was pleasantly surprised to have such a reasonable cost to remodel my two bathrooms in Dana Point. I was equally surprised at the punctuality of Kinnett Plumbing LLC as well as their courtesy and neatness.”

– Carmen Bunce

“Kevin is probably the best plumber we've encountered so far. If you want an extremely knowledgible, courteous, and meticulous plumber for a relatively inexpensive price, I wouldn't go with any other guy.”

– Angel

“I e-mailed this company on a Sunday afternoon to see if I could get a plumber out to look at a leak sometime the following week. Within a very short period of time, I was contacted back and an appointment was made for the very next morning! Kevin was very courteous and professional. Not only did he fix the leak, he re-worked the pipes to minimize the risk of future leaks in the area of the repair. If I am ever in need of plumbing assistance, Kevin will be the first person I call. He should be the first person you call, too.”

– Scott B.

“2 years ago, I had a toilet that kept getting clogged. Once again it clogged and it was on a Friday. I was given this number and I called saying I had the clogged toilet plus wanted to talk about a new one. He answered that he was booked solid and couldn't see me until the following Monday. I asked if he could just come unclog the toilet then we could talk on Monday. He came that evening and took care of the toilet, then came on Monday and brought a new one.

I was given a free plumbing inspection by another company. They listed all that needed to be done and the price made my hair curl. I apologized and said I used Kinnet Plumbing. He came this morning and replaced my hot water heater, garbage disposal and a few pipes...and the price was less than half of the other company.

Kevin Kinnett is a very professional young man. He delivers what he promises, is very polite and extremely reasonable. I will never use another plumber.

I give Kevin as high a rating as is possible! ”

– Linda

“I called this company from the yellow pages in an emergency situation. They were very friendly, very professional, and very prompt. The plumber actually arrived at my house within one hour. I absolutely recommend this company.”

– AJ

“I havn't used them, but I can tell you from personal experience that they are the most honest and professional plumbers you will find out there. I needed to de-winterize my new home and called around to different plumbers and they all tried to charge me ridiculous prices, one plumber said $400! When I called Kinnett plumbing the guy on the phone told me that it's very simple and I can do it myself! I really appreciated their honesty and will definitely use them for anything that I might need in the future.”

– Trish

“We called and got our plumber that day ....and he was very friendly and professional..I will use this company all the time now..”

– dotheritething